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Bicycle tourism in the Parma region and in the Ruhr area is becoming more and more important. However, both regions are undergoing a development that is markedly different. In the course of this project, students will study the development of bicycle tourism in each region, analyze touristic demands and create suitable touristic offers. As part of this process, they will test existing offers in the individual regions in the context of student exchanges.

An important aim of this project is that students gain insight into the field of tourism in their respective home economic regions. They will study the needs of potential target groups and will attempt to create touristic offers for students of their partner school. In this context, they will have to apply their knowledge in market and in demand research as well as in cost estimation. Here, the process of demand and supply is relevant to both regions that are involved in the project. In the context of student exchanges both in Parma and in the Ruhr area, students will have the opportunity to improve their intercultural communicative skills while testing, evaluating and improving the touristic offers of the respective regions. Moreover, students will have the chance to improve their foreign language skills and their skills in giving constructive feedback.

At the beginning of the project, German students from the Ruhr area will send an enquiry to Italian students of the Parma region, asking them to provide them with an offer in bicycle tourism. The Italian students will then research the conditions of their home region and create an offer for the German group. The same will happen the other way around with the German group working out an offer in bicycle tourism for the students of their Italian partner school. At two student exchange meetings in Parma and in Germany, respectively, students will present their offers and test the feasibility and the economic viability of their proposals. Moreover, students will give each other feedback on their respective offers for the purpose of their subsequent improvement.

The anticipated end products of this project are cycling tourism packages for the Parma and the Ruhr regions. Students will describe their respective regions, providing information about access by bus, train or car, local hotel accommodation, bike rental options, public transport and local tourist destinations. Added to these packages will be the feedback results that will serve to further improve the existing offers. These packages will be presented both in a digital and in a print version, including e.g. a website (or TwinSpace) and flyers.

Deutsche und italienische Schüler beim gemeinsamen Abendessen.

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